is the first step of the plan  “Ambition for  the French angue and e  multilingualism”  presented 20 March 2018 to the French Academy by the President of the Republic. The program is implemented by AUF and funded by the French Development Agency  to the tune of € 20 million, over the period from June 2018 to June 2024. 

LEARN is a  provider of expertise and networking  of actors in charge of education (practitioners, educational executives, academics and researchers). The program provides technical support to the Ministries of National Education of the 26 eligible countries to  provide services, tools and expertise  in the educational, didactic and university fields, at the request of partner countries. The identification of actions is always based on  collecting the needs of stakeholders , in a process of co-diagnosis, co-reflection and co-construction, outside of a pre-established supply logic.

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